Freigeist Verlag at MISS READ 2019

We are glad to announce that Freigeist Verlag will be exhibiting at the Berlin Art Book Festival MISS READ 2019 […]

Love & politics Athens #4: poetics and politics (part 1)

Friday 5 April 2019, 6pm-11pm | Saturday 6 April 2019, 6pm-11pm Chaosmos_/79Au, 5th floor, Koletti 40-42, Exarcheia, Athens Poetics and […]

Iove & politics – intermission on India

Concerned with the alarming tensions between India and Pakistan we will openly discuss the current issues and watch the new […]

Iove & politics Athens #3: sound interventions

The sound interventions, as the third exploration of the collective project ‘love & politics’ in Athens, expand the topic further […]

Iove & politics Athens #2: creativity, love and play

Creativity, love and play as the second exploration of the collective project ‘love & politics’ is a series of workshops […]

Freigeist Verlag in Kuwait

Publisher of Freigeist Verlag Hannes Schumacher presented his work Pluralism = Monism. A Study on Deleuzian Dialectics at the international […]

Iove & politics Athens #1: Urban Sessions

On Saturday, 05.01., the first session of our public programme ‘love and politics’ will take place! New works and performative […]

agis tompros

Agis Tompros is an inspiring and motivational Architect participating in the creation of Architectural projects with several distinguished architectural practices; […]

love & politics public program Athens: Opening

In September 2018, Freigeist Verlag released a collective book on the topic ‘love & politics’ titled homonymously. ( Taken as […]

Miriam Poletti

Born in 1991, Miriam Poletti is a multimedia artist living and working in Milano, Italy. She graduated from the Academy […]

Medha Singh

Medha Singh is a poet from New Delhi. Her first collection of poems Ecdysis (2017) has been published by Poetrywala, Mumbai. …

Denise Padron Benitez

Denise Padron Benitez is a London-based writer, photographer and experimental video maker …

Nauman Abid

Nauman Abid lives and works in Lahore. He works with notions of desire, mundane influences, and aspirations for a western or pseudo-western life …

Anna Deligianni

Anna Deligianni is a visual artist whose work mainly deals with the interaction between people and their environment. …

Robin Wang

Robin R. Wang is Professor of Philosophy and Director of Asian Pacific Studies at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, USA. …

Soumyabrata Choudhury

Soumyabrata Choudhury currently teaches at the School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU (Delhi).

Ioana Niculescu-Aron

Ioana Niculescu-Aron was born in 1994 in Bucharest, Romania. During her BA and MA Painting studies, Ioana was awarded several prizes and scholarships …

Nicoletta Poungias

Nicoletta Poungias, born in 1993, is an aspiring autodidact photographer from Essen (Germany) who also dabbles in writing.

Amit Shankar Saha

Amit Shankar Saha is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Seacom Skills University, India. …

Open Call: love & politics

In 2018, Freigeist Verlag will launch a collective book on the topic Love & Politics titled homonymously.

Matthias Müller-Lentrodt liest aus ‘Ewig und ein Tag’

am 20. September im Zagreus, Brunnenstraße 9a, Berlin

Christoph Heiß

Christoph Heiß hat in München und Berlin Medizin studiert und war als Arzt und Sozialmediziner in Augsburg, Berlin und Zürich […]

transmutations @ UdK Berlin


Andrea Messner

Andrea Messner was born in 1991 in Bolzano, Italy. She studied philosophy, theater studies and art history in Munich, Rome, Berlin, Scotland

Tom Bland

Tom Bland is a writer and live artist based in London …

Tom Lordan

Tom Lordan is an Irish philosopher, currently living in London. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin and Kingston University, he […]

Paweł Bogusław Parszyk

Paweł Bogusław Parszyk (Kurzform: Paul Parszyk oder P. P.) wohnt und arbeitet in Soest und Erfurt. Seit Januar 2016 erforscht […]

Freigeist Verlag @ Lettrétage

Verlagspräsentation: Freigeist Verlag Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2016, 20:30 Uhr. Eintritt frei! Lettrétage – Das Literaturhaus in Berlin Kreuzberg, Mehringdamm 61 […]


Finally, the grande finale opening of the exhibition MEGASTRUCTURES — the biggest. the deepest. the strongest. the tastiest. the loudest. the happiest. the strangest. the muchest. the most … or whatever else you will imagine!

Our anthology for 2016: Philosophy as Art

Unser neuer Haiku-Band: Ewig und ein Tag von Matthias-Müller Lentrodt

Gesammelte Haiku 2001 – 2015, mit Reisephotographien des Autors …

Today we release our debut work Der Freigeist I-VI as Paperback

Cover based on a painting by our Latvian painter Aivars Kisnics; with extended index.

Antigoni Tsagkaropoulou

Αntigoni Tsagkaropoulou is an Athens-based artist. She graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts and she is a member of the collective running AMOQA (Athens Museum of Queer Arts).

Matthias Müller-Lentrodt

Matthias Müller-Lentrodt wurde am 13.11.1964 in Remscheid geboren. Er studierte zunächst in Heidelberg Theologie und Philosophie, später in München, dann […]

Savvas Mavidis

Savvas on Facebook

Aivars Kisnics

Aivars Kisnics was born on 16th of November, 1955 in Madona, Latvia. Since 1956, he has been living in Liepaja. […]

William Kendall

William Kendall

William Kendall has a BS degree from the University of Minnesota, MA and MFA degrees from the University of Wisconsin, […]

Orlando R. Valdivieso

Born in 1984, Orlando R. Valdivieso comes from a family of artists from Colombia. Starting from a self-taught background of […]

Freigeist Verlag at LiberBerlin

12 – 14 June 2015 at Gemäldegalerie, Berlin

René Kanzler

René Kanzler was born in 1990 in Wurzen and grew up in Brandis. After studying philosophy and religious sciences and […]

“This should have been a group exhibition” – guerrilla performance by Kim Engelen

Curated by Evgenia Giannopoulou, catalogue published by Freigeist Verlag

Preparation of “This should have been a group exhibition”


Evgenia Giannopoulou

Evgenia’s practice is research-based and process-oriented, including interactive site-specific exhibitions with a strong sense for spatial manifestations of mystery, vertigo […]

Colours and Strings at Atelier Äuglein

Live-painting: Katerina Giannopoulou; 12-string guitar: Hannes Schumacher; accordion & horn: Lenz Sog

Katerina Rotoli

Katerina Rotoli is a multimedia artist and performer focusing on Metamorphosis, Chaos, and  the Grotesque.  She holds degrees in Grafik […]

Felix D. Miericke

Felix D. Miericke (*1992) studierte Philosophie, Musik und Pädagogik in Berlin und Reykjavík, wo er als PROMOS-Stipendiat sein Grundstudium mit einer Arbeit über isländische Hymnenmusik abschloss. …

Heute erscheint unser dritter Buchtitel: Impressionen von Felix Miericke

Zu dichten heißt, alles zu sprechen, mit fast nichts an Gesagtem. In der Poesie bündelt sich das Wesentliche, die impulsive Totalität des Sprechbaren entblößt sich in der Konzentration auf das eine Wort; das Wort, welches am Anfang war, und noch immer ist …

El Aquelarre: group exhibition at Greenhouse Berlin

Ausstellung & gathering of independent book projects + poetry, performance, experimental gigs, video art

Performance at the solo exhibition ‘Metamorphoses’ by Katerina Giannopoulou

Photos of the performance that took place 24th of September 2014 at the exhibition ‘Metamorphoses’ of our artist Katerina Giannopoulou, University of Fine Arts, Athens

‘Metamorphoses’ – solo exhibition of our artist Katerina Giannopoulou

Metamorphoses – a solo exhibition by Katerina Giannopoulou at the University of Fine Arts in Athens, 24 – 26 September […]

Der Kairos: Review at apollo radio)))

On 21.08.2014 there was a review of René Kanzler’s Der Kairos at apollo radio))). The original recording you find here …

Hannes Schumacher

Hannes Schumacher was born in Papua New Guinea and studied Philosophy in Heidelberg, Cairo, Delhi, and Berlin. He completed his […]

Heute erscheint unser zweiter Buchtitel: Der Kairos von René Kanzler

Die mythologische Gestalt des Kairos (griech. Καιρός) steht für den rechten Augenblick, den es zu erkennen gilt. René Kanzler greift dieses Motiv in Form von dithyrambischer Lyrik neu auf …

Fotoshooting in Athens

Works by Katerina Giannopoulou and Antigone Tsagkaropoulou

Opening of our Online Gallery

The website of our publishing house now contains an online gallery in which artists from all over the world can exhibit …

Freigeist Verlag — Philosophie und Kunst

Der Neuköllner Freigeist Verlag wurde 2013 gegründet und stellt mit Der Freigeist I-VI sein erstes, für das Verlagsprogramm repräsentatives Buch vor …

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