Aivars Kisnics


Aivars Kisnics was born on 16th of November, 1955 in Madona, Latvia. Since 1956, he has been living in Liepaja. His mother was a dressmaker, his father was a technician on a ship. After the graduation of the school he joined a Maritime College in Liepaja. In 1975 he got the profession of a navigator. He developed his career further into the captain of a fishing ship in 1980 and the main working area was the Baltic Sea. In 1999, he retired and worked as a captain on a pilot boat in the port of Liepaja in Latvia.

»I was interested in art since school time – did participate in drawing as well as photography competitions and was awarded with state-wide certificates. Painting with oil on canvas I began around 2005.

My oil on canvas paintings are multi-layered abstractions featuring abrupt changes in texture, fragmentation and traces of the expressive subliminal impulse. Formerly a ship navigator, my special relationship to the sea – where I spent most of my adult professional life – is a focal point of my creative work.«

The meeting of sea and sky or ›horizon‹ appears as a reoccurring trope in his works, as well as an emphasis on the interaction between horizontal and vertical lines. »Through variegated and fully topographical surfaces I employing water-like imagery along with a host of abundant associations: life and regeneration; erosion and decay; danger; the unknown; and the spiritual. These works are at once sea and vessel, storm and ship, water and ether.«

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