Anna Deligianni


Anna Deligianni is a visual artist whose work mainly deals with the interaction between people and their environment. Born in Athens, and having studied Fine Arts at the Aristotelian Univesity of Thessaloniki, she is greatly influenced by the aesthetics used in etchings and installations. Her recent work has developed into a style that combines multilinear patterns inspired by Eastern and Middle-Eastern architecture, with the feel of European philosophy, all the while preserving the values of Balkan aesthetics. Her work is mainly anthropocentric, placing people in an environment rich in detail and urban feel, that involves a game between geometry and perspective. These features are used in a way to create a chaotic combination of both suffocating and attraction. There is a playful balance between fiction and reality, regarding both the human figures, and their surroundings. Anna tends to use randomness as a way to increase the entropy of her chaotic works. She uses her errors as a way to provide new perspectives in her works, and keep the authenticity and uniqueness of each work intact. As Miles Davis said, »Don’t fear mistakes – there are none«.

Published with Freigeist Verlag: One Percent, Floating City and You got wires, comin’ out of your skin, in:


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