love & politics Athens #2: creativity, love and play

Creativity, love and play, as the second exploration of the collective project love & politics initiated by Evgenia Giannopoulou, is a series of workshops based on body, sound, voice, movement, theatrical practices and dance.

The first workshop will take place on Saturday, 02/02, 12pm- 2pm and will be realized by Thalia Dimitropoulou at Chaosmos_/79Au.

‚In these hours that we will be together we will use our bodies to connect with our individual truth. Through dance, meditation and theatrical practices we will observe how creativity moves in us and manifests itself through our bodies. We will explore our senses, our connection with the other, with silence, with music, with the space. The only objective for these hours will be our presence.‘

Thalia Dimitropoulou has studied theatre and has participated in plays in Athens and Spain with different theatrical groups. She has attended dance, movement and voice workshops and is currently finishing her studies in Core Energetics body psychotherapy. She has been drawn to the body, because she has discovered that for her it is the simplest and most accessible way to a full and happy life. Opening up to our body and allowing whatever is there takes us off our busy minds and grounds us to the now.


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