Our anthology for 2016: Philosophy as Art

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Opposed to the traditional distinction and incompatibility of both disciplines, in the freethinking and non-academic discourse increasingly grows the idea that philosophy and the arts can, instead, enrich each other or even merge. For 2016, Freigeist Verlag plans a first anthology on the subject: “Philosophie als Kunst. Philosophy as Art”, with numerous works of writers, philosophers, and artists who deal with the subject critically, poetically, or artistically, but in any case: free of any rules or guidelines.

Works confirmed so far:


Felix Miericke: „Philosophie als Dichtung“

Tom Bland: „stalking or strange longing“ & “Seven”

Rosalie Bourgeois de Boynes: „χαλεπά τά καλά“

René Kanzler: „De Arte Uitae Senecae“

Hannes Schumacher: „Philosophie als Kunst: Entwürfe zu einer Philosophie der Zukunft“

Paweł Boguslaw Parszyk: „Symbolphilosophie – Objektivation als eine Grundlage für die Kunst“


Date of publication still to be announced.

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